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Advanced USB Port Monitor 4.3

Advanced USB Port Monitor will allow you to display the packets sent
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Advanced USB Port Monitor can monitor, capture, record and display the performance parameters or general details for any USB device connected to the computer where this program is installed. It won’t analyze only USB devices, but all data related to a USB bus or a USB protocol as well.

The strongest point of this application is undeniably the comprehensiveness and the accuracy of the collected data. I was truly impressed to notice the plenitude of gathered parameters. This shows that Advanced USB Port Monitor is created especially for professionals in need to perform sophisticated USB traffic analyses and debugging tasks. Even though this application is created especially for professionals, its interface is quite simple and self-explanatory.

Besides its neat interface and the abundance of collected data, I also like that it allows exporting the gathered information to a large variety of file formats, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, plain text files, PDF documents or even HTML files. All the provided information can also be easily printed, directly from the program’s interface.

In my opinion, Advanced USB Port Monitor is a complete utility that will help those in need of analyzing the traffic of USB devices by providing them with a lot of useful information. The simplicity of the interface is a big plus in my book too.

Rory Shaffer
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  • It can analyze and debug different types of USB devices (low speed, high speed and full speed)
  • The collected data is very comprehensive
  • Neat and well-organized interface


  • The real-time monitoring and logging for the connected devices is available only in the Pro version, which makes the "Free", the "Light" and the "Standard" editions quite difficult to evaluate
  • There's only one filter configuration preset provided by default
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